Tecsun PL-660 SW High Performance Portable Stereo Radio

Radioarena International Group

SKU: 38258429-black

Band Frequency Range Tuning Step Noise Limit Sensitivity
FM 76-108MHZ(Janpan 76-108MHZ/Germany 87.5-108MHZ ) 0.01MHZ/0.1MHZ less than 3uV@30db
MW 522-1620KHZ 1/9kHZ for Asia/African/Europe less than 1mv/m@26db
MW 520-1710KHZ 10kHZ for Northern America less than 1mv/m@26db
LW 100-519KHZ 1/9KHZ less than 5mv/m@26db
SW 1711-29999KHZ 1/5KHZ less than 20uv@26db
AIR 118-137MHZ 1/25KHZ less than 5uv@10db

Multi-functions Digital Display for frequency, signal strength, S/N radio, clock and alarm, battery consumption
LCD Display Screen.
Digital clock function with 12/24 hour format.
Alarm by radio with the automatically alarm stopper within 1-90 minutes.
Highly intelligent On/Off switch: set the sleep timer from 1-120 minutes, or turn the power on/off directly.
FM Mono and Stereo.
Light and Snooze function - 5 minutes, repeats 3 times
Key lock function.
Volume Knob with maximum 30 sound levels.
Vertical back stand.
Built in DC 5V USB jack, Earphone jack
FM and SW Antenna jack

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