PMR446 Radio

PMR446 (Ppersonal Mobile Radio, 446 MHz) is a part of the UHF radio frequency range that is open without licensing for business and personal use in most countries of the European Union. Depending on surrounding terrain range can vary from a few hundred metres (in a city) to a few kilometres (flat countryside) to many kilometres from high ground. It is ideal for small-site, same-building and line of sight outdoor activities. PMR446 is used in both professional and consumer-grade walkie-talkies . Commonly the definition of a PMR446 radio is a transceiver which transmits between 446.0–446.1 MHz and digital dPMR/DMR cover 446.1–446.2 MHz. Radios may now have removable antennas as long as the ERP does not exceed 500 mW.
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