Bayonet-SD Slimline Quick Disconnect 3/8 Adapter


  • Colour: Chrome
  • Type: Antenna Quick Disconnect
  • Fits 3 / 8 Antennas
  • Material: Chrome Plated Brass


An extra-long heavy-duty disconnect bayonet, with a longer slot, cut out to give less chance of the top section working loose. This quick disconnect is compatible with virtually all fibreglass and centre-loaded CB antennas. The female top accepts all antennas with a 3 / 8 x 24 thread. The male bottom is a standard 3 / 8 x 24 thread and will screw into any standard CB antenna stud.


  • Compatible with any standard duty antenna up to 5 feet
  • The locking pin and the spring are made from stainless steel
  • Quickly remove your antenna without fumbling around for tools
  • 3 / 8 x 24 thread for all standard antennas and accessories used during installation