Entel CXR5/DT9 Bone Conductive Skull Microphone, Earpiece, c/w PTT-C/DT9



Bone conductive skull microphone with in-line PTT for the DTEx Series hand portable radio.

A high-quality rugged bone conductive compact helmet-com unit for professionals working in hazardous conditions. It has a dirt protected microphone and a single speaker and easily mounts into most helmet types and provides clear and hands-free communication. The headset attaches via a quality in-line connector to a large rugged waterproof press to talk switch that can clip on to a belt or other suitable position using the rugged revolving clip. The press to talk switch is easy to use, has a positive feel and can be used by a gloved hand or under clothing. As with all bone conductive accessories, we do not recommend using voice operated transmit (VOX).