Malachite SDR Radio Receiver 50 kHz – 2 GHz


The radio receiver is built on the SDR principle – software updates add new functions. Capacitive touch screen. Flash via USB cable. Supported frequency range: 50 kHz – 2 GHz. Demodulation mode: AM, SSB, NFM, WFM.



The radio is constructed based on the SDR principle, and the function is determined by loaded software.

The stability of the screen fixation. Built-in retractable antenna. To have a better listening effect, this unit reserves an external antenna SAM female connector, and you can connect a better antenna. A power-off button is added deliberately. Using high-quality speakers, 80 is the maximum designed volume, please not exceed 80. The sound effects are carefully designed, not harsh when listening to short waves, and the sound quality will be more pleasant when listening to radio shows, with a dust-proof net speaker outlet. All parts are well-designed, including the position of the lanyard, and many adjustments have been made for aesthetics and convenience.

Product Parameters:

  • The frequency range is from 50 kHz – 2GHz
  • All types of analogue modulation: AM, SSB (LSB USB), NFM, WFM
  • Powerful functions: variable filter width, adaptive noise suppressor, threshold noise suppressor, Noise Blanker (AGC_Equalizer)
  • Use fully functional chip msi001
  • Powerful stm32h743 with a clock frequency of 480 MHz is applied
  • 3.5-inch IPS display with touch screen
  • There is a built-in UHF
  • Control 2 encoders with buttons and touch screen
  • The power supply is supplied by the external Type-C (for Huawei mobile phone) interface, which can be charged by Type-C. The internal lithium battery has a large capacity of 5000 mAH (suitable for outdoor use)
  • The current consumption when listening to headphones is 300 mA
  • Built-in receiving module; In order to improve the HF reception on the antenna, an additional board with a source follower has been developed; The board will be built into the standard receiver design
  • Connect to the computer via USB, you can transmit CAT, IQ and audio
  • 160 kHz span, with scalability
  • Sensitivity under the condition of up to 250 MHz, s / w is 0.3 μV = 10 dB
  • Due to the characteristics of the msi001 chip used, the dynamic blocking range is about 85 dB
  • With backlight control
  • Built-in telescopic antenna, exclusive design
  • Product dimensions: 122 x 103 x 29.5 mm


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