RG213 (Factory Moulded) PL259 to PL259 Patch Leads


  • CB Antenna Cable
  • Length: 0.5, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 m
  • RG213 Mil-Spec Cable
  • 2 High-Quality PL259 Fitted
0.5 m3 m5 m10 m20 m30 m


A quality RG213 patch leads with moulded fittings.

This coaxial cable is used for CB ham radio, antenna analyzer, tuner, switch, monitor, dummy load and SWR meter, etc. The CB antenna cable has UHF PL-259 male to male plug, nickel-plated connectors that are fully moulded.

Key features / Specifications:

  • RG213 Mil-Spec cable
  • 2 x High-quality PL259’s fitted