Watson CX-SW4PL 4-Way SO239 Coax Switch


Introducing the Watson CX-SW4PL 4-Way SO239 Coax Switch, a superior quality antenna switch designed to meet the demands of the ever-expanding commercial RF spectrum. Equipped with the highly sought-after SO239 sockets, this 4-way switch is perfect for antenna systems or service departments seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution.


What sets the Watson CX-SW4PL apart is its exceptional performance and negligible signal loss. With an impressive frequency range of DC ~ 900 MHz, it allows for seamless switching between four coaxial systems with minimal power loss. The power ranges from DC ~ 30 MHz at 1.5 KW, 30 – 200 MHz at 1 KW, 200 – 500 MHz at 500W, and finally, 500 – 900 MHz at 150W. This ensures that your RF signals remain strong and undistorted.

Engineered with precision, the insertion loss is remarkably low, measuring >= 0.1 dB for DC ~ 500 MHz and >= 0.2 dB for 500 – 900 MHz. The impedance stands at a standard 50 Ohms, guaranteeing optimal compatibility with a wide range of devices. Additionally, the output port isolation provides excellent signal separation, measuring at 1.10 for DC – 500 MHz and >= 1.25 for 500 ~ 900 MHz.

Measuring 105 x 110 x 43 mm and weighing 881 g, the Watson CX-SW4PL is compact and lightweight, making it easy to incorporate into various setups. It boasts five reliable SO-239 sockets, ensuring secure connections and minimizing signal loss.

Whether you need to switch between multiple antenna systems or work in a service department, the Watson CX-SW4PL 4-Way SO239 Coax Switch provides a seamless and efficient solution.

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