Semi-Custom Flexible Open Ear Insert (Semi Custom Ear Mold) with Elbow for Surveillance Kits and Earpieces (Medium / Right Ear)



Tired of the old rubber ear tip? Want something more comfortable that will allow you to hear ambient background noises? Working a 10 - 12 hour shift and your current ear tip makes your ear hurt?

Flexible open ear inserts (semi custom ear mold) are molded from hypo-allergenic plastic. The FOEI open frame design allows hearing ambient sounds. The ultra-flexible material conforms comfortably to the shape of the user's ear. Connect to acoustic tube with no modifications, gluing or cutting. Simply remove the standard rubber eartip and press the FOEI onto the plastic elbow fitting. This medium size (one inch), right side (016MR) ear mold is supplied with a plastic elbow. About 80% of our customers use medium size ear molds. For hygienic reasons used earbuds are non-refundable.

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