Alfatronix AD115 HYT785 AC-DC Convertor 230V-12V (HYT MD785)



An extremely rugged switch mode mains power supply with built in cooling fan for mobile radio base stations. 13.6V DC output @ 9A. Supplied with mains lead with 13A plug and crimp connectors for output lead. A battery can be connected to the rear of the unit to maintain power in the event of a mains failure. Specific models available for specific types of mobile radios or a universal type adaptable to fit most radios. This unit is so reliable that it is supplied with the manufacturer‘s no quibble life time warranty. Technical Specifications: Supply: 85-135V ac and 170-264V ac 50-400Hz Input Current: 2.5A max Output: 13.6V dc @ 9A

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