Alpin 200 HF 160 – 10m Linear Amplifier



The Alpin 200 is the new 2 kW HF power amplifier for all amateur radio bands from 1.8 MHz to 29.7 MHz. It has high quality components, for example Vacuum relays Gigavac, 2.5 kVa high voltage transformer and Pope fan down. Two 4CX-800A (GU-74B) ceramic tubes are used making more power available. The Alpin 200 has two antenna connectors that can be selected using the front panel button. It has a built-in microprocessor that monitors all important operating data and displays it on the LCD display, it also gives tuning indication which simplifies tuning to a frequency. With this microprocessor the Alpin 200 has a comprehensive protection system available that can prevent damage to the amplifier. This constantly monitors the following parameters in operation and issues corresponding error messages and warnings: Anode Current, Reflected Power, High Voltage, Fans, Vacuum Relay, G1 & G2 Grid Current, Power Supply, Input Power, RF Anode Voltage & Power, G1 Grid Voltage, Temperature. Specifications: Frequency Coverage: All Amateur Radio Bands 1.8 - 29.7 MHz Power Output: 2000 Watts CW Output Circuit: Pi-L Network with Matching Capability - VSWR up to 3:1 (16-150 Ohms) Output Impedance: 50 Ohm Unbalanced Input Circuit: Broadband with VSWR less than 1.3:1 Driving Power: 60 Watts (typical) Harmonics: 1.8 - 29.7 MHz > 50dB Below Peak Output Intermodulation Distortion: > 35dB Below Peak Output RF gain: 15dB LCD Display Power Supply: 230V AC - 50Hz Tube: 2x 4CX800A (GU74B) Ventilated Dimensions: (W x D x H) 470mm x 415mm x 190mm Weight: 40 kg Please note, it may take up to 4 working weeks before we ship this unit.

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