AP-328H Battery Pack 7.2V 1700MAH NIMH (For Motorola GP320)



A non OEM 1650mAH NiMh battery for the Motorola GP320. (Japanese cells fitted) . This will fit the following radios: Motorola GP140 Motorola GP320 Motorola GP328 Motorola GP338 Motorola GP338 Plus Motorola GP340 Motorola GP360 Motorola GP380 Motorola GP640 Motorola GP680 Motorola GP1280 Motorola GP7450 Motorola HT750 Motorola HT1225 Motorola HT1250 Motorola HT1550 Motorola MTX850 Motorola PRO5150 Motorola PRO5550 Motorola PRO7150

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