Astatic 878DM Desk Top CB Microphone



The Astatic AST-878DM is Omni Directional Ceramic Desk Microphone offering a rugged Cycolac housing for Industrial and Commercial applications. The microphone switching is accomplished with a simple "Push to Talk" button with locking capabilities. The volume can be adjusted with a potentiometer, located under the microphone's base. This microphone is designed to take normal abuse and retain its performance just as all Astatic microphones. Technical specifications: Type: Transistorized Ceramic Output Level: -44dB below 1v per microbar at 1KHz into 1 Megohm load Output Adjustment: Approx 40dB range Impedance: 5000 OHMS Max Polar Pattern: Omni Directional Switch Control: Push to Talk Cable: 2ft with four pin connector Weight: 550gm Finish: Durable molded Cycolac in Black with Die Cast base Power: 9V battery (Not included) or regulated power supply (Not included)

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