Covert Surveillance Microphone Kit (Vertex VX246)



A very popular covert style microphone and earpiece for HAM/PMR use. Earpiece has clear acoustic tubing to flesh coloured ear bud (spare supplied). The LGR72 is top of the range 3 wire acoustic earpiece, the wire itself is very high quality and curly for maximum flexibility and comfort. This earpiece is designed to fit the Vertex VX246 radio. Speaker Features: Output level: 100 +/-2dB. Impedance: 110ohm +/- 10%. Frequency range: 500-8,000Hz. Audio Output: 150mW. Microphone Features: Type: Omnidirectional condenser. Sensitivity: -40dB +/-2dB. Frequency response: 100-10,000Hz. Operating Voltage: 1.5 to 10V. Current Consumption: Max 0.5mA. Impedance: 2.2Kohms.

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