Cronus BKI-300 Bluetooth Motor Cycle Intercom X 2 Headsets



The Cronus BKI-300-2 twin unit is a Bluetooth system for helmets, enabling you to talk with a pillion passenger or other bikers, providing communication and entertainment while riding a motorcycle. Cronus BKI-300-2 works and communicates with cellular phones, GPS navigators, and MP3 players equipped with Bluetooth technology. Special Features Also available in single units (BKI-300) Bike-to-Bike communication (max. range 800m in ideal conditions) Rider-to-Passenger intercom communication Multiple connections (up to 3 headsets can be paired) Full Duplex - like a normal phone conversation Built-in FM Radio (frequency range 76-108MHz) Bluetooth Hands-free mobile phone connection with voice dial capability Bluetooth connection to MP3 players by A2DP function with individual volume and music track control in full hi-fi stereo sound. Audio guide information from Bluetooth GPS navigators by A2DP function DSP technology wind noise suppression with echo cancellation to ensure crystal clear voice quality when moving (up to 150km/hr) AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for automatic volume adjustment according to ambient noise and driving speed.

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