Entel CPROG-HT Programming Cable for HT Series Version 2.0 Handheld Transceivers



This cable is designed specifically for quick and easy programming of the following Entel HT Version 2.0 handheld transceivers: HT446E, HT446L, HT642, HT644, HT648, HT649, HT702, HT702S, HT703, HT705, HT706, HT712, HT712S, HT712T, HT713, HT715, HT715T, HT716, HT716T, HT722, HT722S, HT722T, HT723, HT725, HT725T, HT726, HT726T, HT732T, HT735T, HT736T, HT762T, HT765T, HT766T, HT782, HT782S, HT782SU, HT782T, HT782TU, HT782U, HT783, HT783U, HT785, HT785T, HT785TU, HT785U, HT786, HT786T, HT786TU, HT786U, HT792T, HT795T, HT796T, HT802, HT802S, HT803, HT805, HT806, HT812, HT812S, HT812T, HT813, HT815, HT815T, HT816, HT816T, HT822, HT822S, HT822T, HT823, HT825, HT825T, HT826, HT826T, HT832T, HT835T, HT836T, HT842, HT844, HT848, HT849, HT862T, HT865T, HT866T, HT882, HT882, HT882S, HT882SU, HT882T, HT882TU, HT882U, HT882U, HT883, HT883, HT883U, HT883U, HT885, HT885T, HT885TU, HT885U, HT886, HT886T, HT886TU, HT886U, HT892T, HT895T, HT896T, HT902, HT902S, HT903, HT905, HT906, HT912, HT912S, HT912T, HT913, HT915, HT915T, HT916, HT916T, HT922, HT922S, HT922T, HT923, HT925, HT925T, HT926, HT926T, HT932T, HT935T, HT936T, HT942, HT944, HT948, HT949, HT952, HT953, HT962T, HT965T, HT966T, HT982, HT982, HT982S, HT982SU, HT982T, HT982TU, HT982U, HT982U, HT983, HT983, HT983U, HT983U, HT985, HT985T, HT985TU, HT985U, HT986, HT986T, HT986TU, HT986U, HT992T, HT995T, and HT996T. The power supply is not required, it's done over the PC Serial Port. This is not a straight forward cable, there is an internal converter circuit board (interface) mounted in the DB9 shell. The cable communicates directly with a computer through the Serial (COM) Port, following the RS-232 specifications. This is a complete COM-port programming unit, no extra leads or interfaces are required. Simply hook it up to your computer. If you require to use it with the USB port we recommend you to order our "Serial Port to USB" cable adapter. Programming software could be downloaded from the Entel website for free.

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