Entel CXE19/750 Bone Conductive Earpiece Microphone / Earphone


SKU: EN-CXE19/750

Benefits: Ears free, maintains audible spatial awareness. Less susceptible to background noise. NBC mask compatible. Whisper speech capabilities under stealth conditions. Usable with most helmets and balaclavas. Waterproof. Application: The design of modern soldier equipment aimed at enhancing combat effectiveness has to take into account a variety of human factors. The Entel CXE19/750 headset uses bone conduction for both earphone and microphone. Its characteristics enable its use in ambient noise and it is adaptable to match military radio standards (Personal Role Radio PRR). The headset is highly suitable for stealth situations. The headset has been designed to optimize the following characteristics: Intelligible communications: Comfort. Very lightweight. Rugged. Features for the Headset: Foldable earphones. Adjustable neckband and strap. Bone conduction earphones (right and left). Bone conduction microphone. Adjustable to any head size. Weight: 130 g (excl. PTT and connector). Waterproof (80cm of water: 30 minutes). Distortion: -5%. Power supply: 2.7V to 6V

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