Entel HT446E Handheld Radio



For those requiring an entry level PMR446 portable with a no compromise build specification, the HT446E is the most cost effective solution. From an established generation of commercial grade portables, the fully submersible IP68 HT Series 2.0 is designed to operate in the most hostile environments and with its MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F construction and exceptionally loud audio, is the choice of the fire & rescue services and major blue-chip petrochem organisations worldwide. For your convenience the HT446E has a 16 channel capacity, allowing you to duplicate all 8 European PMR446 allocated channels on a different CTCSS or DCS tone. Alternatively, just use the first 8 positions. Utilising the latest intelligent Lithium-Ion battery technology with battery cycle count* your HT446E will even alert you to imminent battery life expiration. The HT446E comes with channel scanning, VOX and local personal attack alarm, with optional Bluetooth communications facility and variable point voice scrambler. This low cost entry level model will exceed the expectations of even the most experienced radio users. General Specifications: Submersible to IP68 (5 metres for 1 hour)play Entel is the first manufacturer to offer the superior IP68 specification, whereby we ourselves determine at what depth and for how long our equipment must remain waterproof. Not content with just the standard IP67 entry-level (1 metre for 30 minutes) Entel's IP68 HT series is certified as waterproof-submersible to an unprecedented depth of 5 metres for 60 minutes. Aware that the smallest tolerances of case size and material variation alone could compromise your radio's waterproof integrity, uniquely, each individual Entel portable is tested on a custom-built air pressure test-jig to ensure it meets the exacting high standards we have set for ourselves. MILSTD 810C/D/E/Fplay Meeting MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F commercial grade construction for tough, enduring performance, the Entel's HT and HX series 2.0 portables conform to stringent standards, enabling them to withstand the everyday rigours of shock, vibration and the corrosive effects of dust and moisture, ensuring many years of trouble free use in the most hostile environments. 1800mAh Li-Ion battery All Entel portables come with the latest intelligent Lithium-Ion battery technology as standard. Whichever model you choose, these batteries will count the number of completed charge cycles, which on LCD variants, if dealer enabled, can be displayed when you power-on your radio. For your convenience it will even alert you to imminent battery life expiration. Another advantage of Lithium-Ion battery technology is the way it maximizes duty cycles, while the elimination of memory effect means there is no need to fully discharge the cells before recharging. Therefore you are assured a full duty cycle each and every time you take your radio from its charger. Flash upgradeable to add future features Entel proposes to continuously add/upgrade features to its range of radios. Using Flash Upgrade technology your radios can be upgraded by your Dealer at any time. Robust accessory socketmore A completely redesigned accessory connector, when secured to the portable, is designed to withstand any amount of punishment from dropping to careless misuse. Furthermore, the securing bolt incorporates a shearing point to protect the connector. 16 channels This entry level model comes with 16 channels. Voice annunciation (option) Speaks the channel number and basic settings so you can operate the radio without having to look at it. Bluetooth™ wireless communications (option) Allows you to connect a Bluetooth audio or data accessory. Clone data from one radio to another Allows you to easily configure another radio to match your system. VOX hands free (with audio accessory) When you attach a VOX enabled audio accessory you can operate totally hands free. All you need to do is talk and your Entel radio will automatically transmit for you. Programmable channel monitor button If you have Analogue or Digital squelch enabled all signals other than your own will be filtered out. This can be temporarily disabled enabling you to monitor any other transmissions on your channel. This button may be programmed on or off by your Dealer. Programmable scrambler (voice inversion) Used to encrypt your voice, protecting against casual eavesdropping. Local Personal Attack Alarm All HT and HX portables include a personal attack alarm option. Once activated the speaker of your radio will emit a high pitched siren as a deterrent and provides a local call for assistance. As standard the HT446E is supplied with: CNB750E - 7.4v, 1800mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack CSAHT - Rapid charger CBH750 - Spring loaded belt clip High efficiency antenna (can be exchanged for stubby antenna at point of order) User manual Optionally many accessories are available from our company. General Specifications Frequency Range: 446.00625 - 446.09375MHz (HT446E) Channels: 16 Channels Channel Spacing: 12.5 kHz / 25 kHz Communication Method: Simplex / semi duplex Antenna Impedance: 50 ohm Antenna: Whip / stubby Battery Type: 1800 mAh Li-Ion battery pack Power Supply Voltage: 7.4V DC Current Drain (nominal): TBA Duty Cycle (5/5/90): TBA Microphone: Internal condenser microphone Operating Temperature: -20° to +55° Size (mm): 59.5(W) x 130(H) x 37(D), W = 59.5 mm (62 including protrusions) , H = 130 mm (145 inc knobs), D = 37 mm (41 including battery protrusions) Weight: 277g with battery and aerial Transmitter Power Output: 0.5W Modulation: 8K0F3E/16K0F3E Oscillator Method: PLL Frequency Stability: < ±0.00025% (±2PPM) Maximum Deviation: ±2.5 kHz (Narrow)/ ±5 kHz(Wide) Audio Distortion: < 5% (1 kHz 60%) Spurious Emission: -68 [dBc] Hum & Noise: -40 [dB] Reciever Receiver Type: Double Super Heterodyne type Sensitivity: -0.25uV (12dB SINAD) Frequency Stability: ±0.00025%(±2PPM) Spurious Rejection: -60 dB Adjacent Channel Selectivity: -60 dB (Narrow), -70 dB (Wide) Distortion: < 3% Typical Hum & Noise: -40 dB Audio Output: 1W Speaker Size: 38 mm

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