Anytone AT-778 Mobile Radio 25W UHF VHF CE RoHS Vehicle-mounted Car Radio


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AT-778 Mobile Radio is the small (Looks Like Apollo I) but this radio is available as a 136-174Mhz or 400-480Mhz radio with 25w output and important for most of us it includes the 6.25khz step for PMR 446. The radio comes with CTCSS/DCS and its single band with 25 watts, 15 watts and 5w low power so perfect for UHF CB Radio


AT778 Mobile radio has nice housing, stoutness and stability, advanced and reliable functions. This amateur mobile radio especially design for drivers and it pursues company philosophy of innovation and practicality.



  • Modle : AT-778
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension:112mm x 30mm x 4.2mm
  • Wight:498g


More functions as follows:

  • ALL Control and display by Microphone
  • Display on a large LCD with adjustable brightness, convenient for nighttime use
  • Distribute buttons reasonably, convenient for operation
  • Adopt superior quality material, better technology and high quality radiator to ensure stable and durable operation
  • 512ch,identiied by editing name
  • Separate CTCSS,DCS setting for each single channel, rejecting extra calling from other radios
  • Various scan function including CTCSS/DCS Scan function
  •  Separate band width setting for each single channel
  • Programming RB/CALL Function
  • 3 backlight color LCD
  • SQ/VOL/Voltage level display
  • FM Radio receiver



  • VFO frequency mode and Channel mode switch
  • Frequency scan function
  • Channel scan function
  • Transmitting audio signal
  • Channel delete
  • Squelch off momentary
  • CTCSS/DCS encode and decode setup
  • DCS Scan 
  • FM Radio and two way radio mode switch
  • Power level control
  • offset direction and offset frequency setup
  • Keypad lockout
  • Signaling combination setup
  • High/middle/low power selection
  • Band-width selection
  • Busy channel lock-out (BCL) 
  • Rogger beep
  • Audio signaling call setup
  • Edit channel name
  • Reverse TX/RX
  • Talk around
  • Frequency Step Selectable 5/6.25/8.33/10/12.5/20/25/30/50KHz
  • Squelch level setup
  • Display mode setup
  • APO Setup
  • Pilot frequency
  • Time-out timer (TOT) 
  • Scan dwell time setup
  • Mic gain setup
  • LCD Contrast ratio setup
  • Backlight brightness/color setup
  • Voice prompt setup
  • Automatic power on(AOP)
  • PC software programmable,usb cable is not includes in package
  • Reset factory default
  • CE RoHS Certificate


Package Includes:

  • 1 * Anytone AT-778 mobile radio
  • 1 * Handheld Microphone
  • 1 * Mounting bracket & screw
  • 1 * Power cable
  • 1 * User's manual

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