Full Size G5RV Multiband HF Antenna 3.5 - 30 MHz



This full size G5RV antenna with coated flexible wire covers 80 - 10 metres amateur bands. It's a complete antenna system ready to install to 50 Ohm co-axial cable.

The G5RV antenna is a dipole with a symmetric resonant feeder line, which serves as impedance matcher for a 50 Ohm coax cable to the transceiver. Louis Varney (G5RV) invented this antenna in 1946. The antenna can be erected as horizontal dipole, as sloper, or an inverted-V antenna. With an transmatch, it can operate on all HF amateur radio bands (3.5 - 30 MHz).

While the widely used 50 Ohm coax cable is often used to directly feed this symmetric antenna, this is not good practice and should be avoided, since it can result in RF interference due to high current flow on the outer surface of the coax braid. A 1:1 current balun should be used between coax and ladder line. The balun not only prevents RF interference but reduces receive noise and increases performance.

The dipole elements are 15.55 metres (51.0 feet) and the 300 Ohm impedance-matching symmetric feedline (ladder-line) is 8.84 metres (29.0 feet). As is in general the case for all electric antennas, the height of the G5RV above the ground should be at least half of the longest wavelength to be used. The ends of the symmetric feedline are soldered directly onto a 50 Ohm coax cable (or the 1:1 balun) to the transceiver. A length of at least 20 metres (66 feet) of 50 Ohm cable is recommended. An antenna tuner is necessary for this antenna.

The superior Full Size G5RV comes fully assembled & ready to go. The coated flexible wire will not kink and is extremely strong. Excellent for use where space is limited, good for unobtrusive garden or attic installation and also highly recommended for Short Wave listening. This antenna has been used in many portable operations as well. It is well worth considering.


  • Dipole Size: 31.1 metres (102.0 feet)
  • Wire: Coated flexible wire
  • Coverage: 3.5 - 30 MHz
  • Feedline: 300 Ohm at 8.84 metres (29.0 feet)
  • Power Rating: 500 Watts (max)
  • Feeding Point: SO239 Connector (for 50 Ohm co-axial cable)

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