Glomex Avior Mobile 12V Analogue + Digital TV Antenna



Avior is an omnidirectional TV antenna with an innovative design, a new high gain and low noise factor inner amplifier, in order to watch analogue and digital TV programmes. With a diameter of only 4" (100mm), a height of 8" (210mm) and a weight of 250gms, Avior is the most compact TV antenna available on the market and in the Glomex range. It is an omnidirectional antenna with a receiving angle of 360°, which enables it to receive the signal coming from more directions at the same time. Polarized TV signals (both horizontally and vertically), assure an excellent view both of analogue and digital terrestrial TV. Avior is provided with a new inner amplifier, fully screened, with a high gain and a low noise factor, which allows clearly receiving also the DVBT terrestrial digital signal. Avior is easy to install and is provided with all necessary accessories for installation, which includes two way power inserter, universal mount, 10m coaxial cable and a TV cable. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Angle of reception: 360 degrees Frequency range: 40/890 MHz Noise factor: 1.7dB Gain average: 24.5dB Impedance: 75 OHMS Amplifier adjustable gain: No, fix again Amplifier bypass: No Power consumption: 20 mA Power supply: 12V DC Base diameter: 25mm (1") Disc diameter: 100mm (4") Height: 210mm (8") Weight: 250 gms (0.6lb) TV set max: 1 Construction material: UV resistant ASA Termination: F Connector Polarization: Horizontal and Vertical

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