Glomex Mobile Glomex Oasis Omnidirectional TV Ant Truck Pack(T480+T196+T197



The Glomex Oasis Truck Pack is a variable gain, 360 degree, mobile digital TV antenna, complete with a cigarette lighter adapter and a suction pad mount. The case is made from ASA plastic compound which comes with a lifetime guarantee even against yellowing and ageing. This is one of our most popular TV aerial kits and is also available just as an aerial. Technical Specifications Angle of reception : 360 degrees Frequency range : 40/890 MHz Noise factor : 2.2 db Gain Average : 26 db Impedance : 75 ohms Amplifier adjustable gain Power consumption : 20 mA Power supply : 12/24v Base diameter : 25mm (1") Disc diameter : 250mm (10") Height : 120mm (5") Weight : 350 grs. (12 oz) TV set max : 2 Construction Material : UV resistant ASA Included in the box Amplifier, remote unit, mounting plates, 5M coax cable, 1.5M TV coax connection, suction pad mount, Cigarette lighter adaptor for 12/24 volts.

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