HYT BH1102 NI-MH Battery For TC265S / TC365S (1100mAh)



Replacement battery pack to fit HYT 265 / 365 and some other HYT and Kenwood radios This battery pack will fit the below radios; HYT TC-265 HYT TC-365 HYT TC-265S HYT TC-365S HYT TC-268 HYT TC-368 HYT TC-268S HYT TC-368S Kenwood TK260 Kenwood TK270 Kenwood TK272 Kenwood TK278 Kenwood TK360 Kenwood TK361 Kenwood TK370 Kenwood TK372 Kenwood TK373 Kenwood TK378 Kenwood TK2202 Kenwood TK2207 Kenwood TK3101 Kenwood TK3102

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