Icom OPC-592 RIB-Less RS-232 Programming Cable



This programming cable provides quick and easy programming of the following Icom radios: IC-F310, IC-F310S, IC-F410, IC-F410S, IC-F1010, IC-F1020, IC-F1610, IC-F320, IC-F320S, IC-F420, IC-F420S, IC-F2010, IC-F2020, IC-F2610, IC-A110, IC-A110EURO, IC-A200, IC-FR3000, IC-FR3100, IC-FR4000, IC-FR4100, etc. This cable does not include any manuals or instructions for use. Therefore, it will be assumed that the purchaser is knowledgeable in using the cable for the applications it is designed for. Please note that we supply the hardware only, we can not supply software.

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