K8DX End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) Compact Antenna 7 - 30 MHz


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While dipoles are very efficient antennas, they are not the only way to go. Some houses don’t really lend themselves to installing a half-wave dipole. If you only have one support an end-fed antenna may suit you better. This is a compact end fed half wave (EFHW) antenna for 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meter bands. This compact antenna system is a perfect choice for restricted space as well as for portable setup, ALE HF-link stations, NVIS, MARS, ARES, EMCOMM etc.

It is resonant half wave on 40 meters band (7 MHz) therefore also resonant on second, third and fourth harmonics etc.  Due to high impedance feed point, the antenna is less height dependent. You can put it up at 10 or 50 meters in the air without much change in VSWR values. You must have a good earth connection not just the mains earth that the rig or power supply uses. The matching unit has a ground terminal.

The most interesting bit in this system is a matching unit which allows you to precisely match the antenna's impedance at the feeding point.

The antenna is supplied in both configurations - long configuration (20 meters of wire) and short configuration (10 meters of wire). Both wires are included in the package. With the supplied matching unit you can use longer resonant wires such as 80 or 160 meters if you have space. In this case the antenna system will work even better.



  • Lengh: 20 meters (10 meters spare)

  • Wire: Copper Flexible Wire

  • Coverage: 7 - 30 MHz

  • Max Power: 100 Watts

  • Matching Unit: SWR Meter and Tuning Knobs

  • Feeding Point: SO239 Connector (for 50 Ohm co-axial cable)

  • Shipping From: China



  • 1 x Matching Unit

  • 1 x 10m Copper Flexible Wire

  • 1 x 20m Copper Flexible Wire

  • 1 x Patch Lead (terminated with 2 x PL-259 Plugs)

  • 1 x 30m Rope

  • 1 x Battery Charger

  • 1 x Bag

  • 1 x Manual

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