Midland Alan 78 Plus Multi Standard CB Radio



The Midland 78 Plus Multi is a compact and uncomplicated CB with an abundance of great features ensuring it’s an affordable product. It runs on 12V and the ‘multi-band’ functionality means it can be used throughout the EU with all the various european bands including 40 channels UK and 40 Channels EU which are used in the UK. It has an orange backlit display which clearly shows the channel, band, signal meter and RX/TX indicators and country allocation selected. Special Features: Compact 40 Channels AM/FM CB Transceiver Multiband CB (40 UK/EU channels + various european bands) Multifunction display with backlit Compact microphone with Up/Down buttons External S.Meter jack Fast channel selection Quick Up/Down Scan - Emg 6 Pin microphone connector Dimensions: 150 x 45 x 175mm Weight: 1.020Kg ​

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