Modular Microphone System with Lockable PTT



The LGR-64-18 series mircophone system has been designed to offer a practical solution for radio users in commercial applications where users may not be using the same radio and earpiece every day. The LGR-64-18 microphone combines with any of our optional earpieces (EP1 or EP5) or any other earpiece with a 3.5mm jack plug to form the perfect personalised match of maximum comfort, durability, and hygiene. The unique PTT Lock allows for hands-free use with most radios which support VOX (Voice Activated) functionality. Features: Rugged lapel mic with various earpiece options for cusotm personalised use. PTT lock ensures hands-free operation for use with most radios that support VOX (Voice Activated functionality). A large metal clip secures the mic/PTT element to the user's lapel or collar. High-quality electret condenser mic element produces excelent tranmit audio. Rugged, polycarbonate housing allows for maximum durability. Conveniantly located PTT button for easy use. Connects to earpiece through rugged 3.5mm straight plug. Reinforced strain relief gives maximum durability.

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