Motorola HT600/MT1000 to Visar 3.5mm Threaded Plug Type Audio Accessory Adapter



This well-priced audio accessory adapter is manufactured using only the highest quality components. The use of the audio adapter for the models listed below is generally a more cost effective option in the long-term than purchasing hardwired accessories. This is a compact audio adapter for use with the following Motorola handheld transceivers: HT600, HT600E, HT800, HTX, MT1000, MTX800, MTX800S, MTX810, MTX820, MTX820S, MTX888, MTX888S, MTX900, MTX900S, P200, P210, and P500. It enables you to use above mentioned radios with the headsets designed for Motorola Visar handhelds fitted with a 3.5mm threaded connector. The adapter is secured to the radio side with a single screw fixing and incorporates 3.5mm threaded socket to fit a standard Visar plug. The socket, with integral dust cover fitted, is located on the top of the adaptor to minimise the overall width when an accessory is connected. There are a few essential benefits using this audio adapter: Accessories that plug into the adapter are a cheaper option than the direct connection accessory. Quick disconnection of the accessory is ideal for staff sharing a radio but not sharing the accessory. Different staff can use a variation of accessories on the one radio with the ability to quickly interchange. In the event that an accessory is damaged the replacement cost is far cheaper.

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