Omega Icon-3 Multiband Radio Receiver CB-FM,TV-1,AIR PB/MAR



Omega Icon-3 Multiband radio receiver for CB/FM/TV-1/AIR PB/MARINE/WB frequency bands. SPECIAL FEATURES Covers CB (26 - 28MHz), TV1 (54 - 87MHz), FM (88 - 108MHz), Air Band (108 - 137MHz) and Marine Band (145 - 176MHz) frequencies High sensitivity Squelch control knob On/off Volume control knob Tuning control knob Inbuilt speaker Rubber antenna Carrying strap (Included) 3.5mm Earphone Jack DC Jack DC Operation 6V (UM3 x 4 Batteries) (Not included) The box includes a radio, carry strap and instructions manual.

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