Original K-40 Quick Release Mobile CB Antenna



Classic K40 base loaded mobile CB antenna, which has been computer designed and machine assembled for clearly superior performance. This antenna is ideal for universal mounting application, it can be mounted through the roof of the vehicle or on the trunk/boot lip (optional M40 mag mount is also available should you wish to use it as a magnetic antenna). Comes with 18' custom made RG-58A/U 95% shielded coax (stranded to prevent breakage). The antenna has a unique capacitor for consistent SWR across all 40 Channels. Special Features: Rated at 500 watts Exclusive METLPLAS construction for superior performance 17-7 Stainless Steel 57.25" whip antenna Base rotates 30° for proper vertical polarization Whip retracts 2.25" into coil for easy tuning so no need to cut whip to set SWR Isolation chamber reduces static damping Quarter-turn release makes it easy to remove coil and whip Made in U.S.A No static ball to get knocked off, instead 180 degree radiused tip dissipates static Meets or exceeds rust prevention standards

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