Palstar AT1500BAL 1.5kW Dual-Roller Balanced Antenna Tuner (1.8-30 MHz)



The word is spreading about Palstar’s unique, high-end amateur radio products. Carrying on in the Palstar tradition for products of the highest quality designed by Hams for Hams. The American made AT1500BAL tuner is no exception. The American made AT1500BAL is a dual-roller balanced L antenna tuner that fills the void for a matching network under 2000 Watts that can provide a balanced output. As on all Palstar tuners the front panel and top cover are powdercoated. Specifications: Power rating 1500 Watts PEP Dual roller balanced L antenna tuner Impedance matching range: 160m - 20m 2500 +/- j2500 Impedance matching range: 15m 1000 +/- j1000 Impedance matching range: 10m 500 +/- j500 Total inductance of 44uH for extended range on 160m Switchable 500pF fixed capacitor for 160m Two silver plated ceramic body roller inductors crank handle driven Low minimum dual capacitance variable capacitors with vernier drive for smooth accurate tuning Ferrite 1:1 input balun Powdercoated front panel and top cover Dimensions: 12.5" wide x 6.5" high x 15"deep Weight: 16 lbs

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