Powerverter PV12i Isolated Reducer 12/18A



A high quality fully isolated dc-dc converter. Supplied with mounting bracket, fixing screws and crimp connectors. This unit is suitable for installing radio telephones in vehicles subject to the Institute of Petroleum specification DOC-1.92.1. Dust, water and impact resistance IP533. Meets the VIDG5/AES specification for use on emergency service vehicles. Technical Specifications: (all models listed) Input 17-32V DC Output 13.6V DC +-15% Output Noise >50mV P-P. Meets CISPR25 Efficiency 95% max Isolation >400Vrms Size and weight: PV3I 89 x 87 x 50mm 290gr PV6I 127 x 87 x 50mm 405gr PV12I 167 x 87 x 50mm 590gr PV18I 217 x 87 x 50mm 835gr PV24I 217 x 87 x 50mm 835gr Model Continuous load Max surge RED-PV3I 3A 6A RED-PV6I 6A 10A RED-PV12I 12A 18A RED-PV18I 18A 21A RED-PV24I 24A 30A

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