President Harry III ASC Multi Channel Mobile CB



The all new latest version of the Popular President Harry, the Harry III is a truly "Classic" radio now available as a Multi standard mobile CB radio for UK and EU bands, it is an ideal radio for users travelling across Europe as includes various options to select CB frequency bands for many European countries including UK (Please note when using in UK you may only select the band U). The Harry III has many features that were available on the previous Harry II version plus many new features. This radio will require hard wiring during installation. The features include: Volume with power ON/OFF control Manual and automatic squelch (ASC) Multi-functions LCD display RF Gain Channel selector Key Beep function Vox function (hands free) Hi-cut / NB filters switch ANL filter built-in Roger Beep Channel Scan Priority memory channel AM/FM mode switch Lock function Front microphone plug Up/Down microphone Jack for external speaker Jack for external Vox mic ​ Dimensions 125 mm(W) x 45 mm(H) x 150 mm(D) dimensions without antenna plug and/or heatsink Optional Accessories: Mini mic handfree Rack ​ ​ Technical Specifications: Band Configuration FM Channel AM Channel Country E 40 Ch (4W) 40 Ch (4W) ES, IT d 80 Ch (4W) 40 Ch (1W) DE EU 40 Ch (4W) 40 Ch (1W) BE, BG, CH, CY, EE, ES, FI, FR, GR, IE, IS, IT, NL, PT, RO, SE EC 40 Ch (4W) AT,CZ, DK, HU, LU, LT, LV, MT, NO, SI, SK U CEPT 40 Ch (4W) + UK 40 Ch (4W) GB PL -5 KHz 40 Ch (4W) -5 KHz 40 Ch (4W) PL Frequency 26.965 - 27.405 MHz Power Supply 13.8V DC Sensitivity 0.2uV - 120dBm (min) / 1 uV - 47dBm Size 125 (W) x 45 (H) x 150 (D) mm

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