R.M KL-503 Linear Amplifier



Linear amplifier with receive pre-amplifier. 50 watts solid state mobile amplifier covers from 20-30Mhz, and will put you right in with the DX. Includes a very handy 6 way output power control and low noise pre-amplifier. Features: Frequency: 20-30MHz. Supply: 12-14V. Supply Amps: 12-14A. Antenna preamplifier: 26dB. Input power: AM/FM/CW (1-6 W) / SSB (2-12 W). Output power: AM/FM/CW (250 W Max) / SSB (450 W pep Max). Mode: AM-FM-SSB-CW. Fuses: 3x10A. Size: 170x295x62mm. Weight: 1.5kg.

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