R.M. MOD. BLA350 Base Amplifier 1.5-30mhz, All Mode, All Band



New improved version of the BLA-300, the new BLA-350 is a 300W Solid State Amplifier designed for Instant use without setup. Special features: Over 300 Watts Key-down. Output Instant Bandswitching, no tuning, no warm-up SWR protected, 1.5-30 MHz. Quiet Variable-Speed Cooling System. LCD Display and Front Panel LEDs. Manual or Automatic band selection. Possible to customise many options. Using two MosFets SD 2941-10 operates from 50 Volts for efficient, low distortion and linear RF power service. Fan speed is regulated by temperature sensors, assuring minimum noise for adeguate cooling. A large heat-sink permits a long QSO times at max power

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