Roadtek 24V-12V DC - DC Converter 8amp Twin Socket



Plug-in style DC-DC converter 24v to 12v with a 8 amp maximum output, twin output, cable is approx. 3ft in length between plug and unit. This dropper has been designed in house using the latest components. Say goodbye to the problems associated with positive earth droppers of the past, and say hello the DCC8. It has a common earth which makes it much, much, safer to use in vehicles with negative earth and safety overload cut-out protection built in. We have tested it both with too many volts put into it and with too many amps drawn off it and in both instances it just went into safety cut out mode. It will support a constant draw of 8 amps, this can be one plug drawing 8 amps or two plugs drawing no more than 8 amps combined. e.g. 3 amps and 5 amps. The plug fitted will work with both the standard type of cigar lighter and the 'Hella' type, cable is approx. 3ft long between plug and the unit.

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