Roadtek CC-45x Cooler/Warmer Box 12/24 DC + 240V AC, 40L



New Roadtek CC45X Cooler/Warmer Box with 40Litre capacity. This is suitable for both 12/24v vehicles. Simply connect the cigar plug into your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket to power it up. It also has an added advantage of powering up from your Mains socket, if you are at your home, office or workshop. The dimensions of this Cooler/Warmer box are: 56cm(L)x 39cm(W)x 41cm(H). This Cooler/Warmer box will be suitable for cars, vans, trucks, caravnas, boats, taxis, home, office, workshop and various other applications with 12/24V or 220 -240V (3 Pin Mains power) . SPECIAL FEATURES: * Portable and convenient to carry * Fitted with handle and wheels for easy transporting * 40Litre Capacity * Thermo Electric Cooler & Warmer * Eco-Friendly - CFC Free * Voltage 12/24V DC and 220-240V AC (UK Mains), with built in adaptor * Cooling/Warming Switch * Cooling Performance: 15°C - 18°C below ambient temperature * Heating performance: 55°C - 65°C by set point thermostat * Power Consumption: DC - 40W in Heating Mode, 48W in Cooling Mode AC - 52W in Heating Mode, 58W in Cooling Mode AC - 9W in Eco Mode

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