Roadtek YKB15 1-Way Power Socket/2 Way USB Adaptor



A very useful cigarette lighter power adapter which allows you to convert a single accessory socket into a 3-way power source; allowing up to three devices to be powered or charged simultaneously at maximum 5 amp rating. Further more the body of the adapter can be angled to suit as it is connected to cigarette plug with a hinged ratchet design. The socket and USB sockets can also be covered up with the plastic dust cover that is fitted over the front and a Blue LED indicates power. Special features: Input: 12v / 24v Output: DC 12v / 24v through 12v / 24v outlet / 5v through 2 x USB sockets USB sockets max 3.1A (1A + 2.1A) USB port 1 rated at 1A - suitable for I-Phone and other MP3/MP4/Smartphone devices USB port 2 (on the right) rated at 2.1A for I-Pad, tablets and other large devices (If one USB socket in use then please leave the other USB socket free, do not use both sockets simultaneously) Adjustable Hinge design for ease of use Dust cover Blue LED indicator

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