Roadtek YKB16 3-Way Power Socket / 2 X USB Adaptor



The YKB-16 is three way cigarette lighter socket adaptor incorporating two USB adaptors as well. However the YKB-16 is a deluxe type adaptor with special features not usually found on inferior adaptors. This adaptor is suitable for 12/24v application so ideal for your car, van, taxi, truck, lorry, caravan and other vehicles. Special features: 3-way cigarette lighter sockets rated at 120W/10amps max. (If all three sockets used then please ensure that total power consumption does not exceed 10amps) Each socket is independently switched for ON/OFF Each Socket has blue light illumination around the rim to indicate ON/Off status LED display of vehicle battery voltage when equipment plugged in to any of the three cigarette lighter sockets 2 x USB ports for charging equipment with USB plug USB port 1 (on the left, as displayed on the main image) rated at 1A - suitable for I-Phone and other MP3/MP4/Smart phone devices and USB port 2 (on the right) rated at 2.1A for I-Pad, tablets and other large devices (If one USB socket in use then please leave the other USB socket free, do not use both sockets simultaneously) Retractable hooks to store loose wire Comes with an adhesive pad for dashboard mounting High build quality, designed in Germany

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