Sharman JH-804-H2 Budget 2-Wire Surveillance Mic Kit - HYT



This 2 wire microphone kit features a PTT with mic and an acoustic tube earpiece. Available in various versions with plug suitable for various popular makes of radios, this version is for HYT PD705 & PD785 series Digital Portable radios. This will also be suitable for various other HYT models, listed below: PT580, PT580H, PD702, PD705, PD706, PD708, PD702G, PD705G, PD706G, PD708G, PD782, PD785, PD786, PD788, PD782G, PD785G, PD786G, PD788G, PD70X, PD70XG, PD78X, PD78XG, PD88XT

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