Sirio CX455 UHF Base Antenna 455-470MHZ



Sirio CX455 omni-directional UHF(455 - 470MHz) base antenna. This antenna is made of Aluminium alloy 6063 T-832 and is also DC-Grounded, thus protected from static discharges. Special Features 455 - 470MHz Frequency range @ SWR <1.5 Omni-Directional Mono band Low gain Materials; Aluminium, Brass, Steel and Nylon N Type Female connector Technical Specifications 3/4λ Coaxial J-Pole Linear Vertical Polarization 2dBd - 4.15dBi Gain Max Power @ 30°C: 250Watts Height: 576mm approx. Weight: 450gm Mounting mast Diameter: 35 - 42mm

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