Sirio GP365-470C Base Antenna 365-470MHz


SKU: SHM- SPA-GP400-470C

A top quality 1/4wave + 1/2wave colinear base antenna suitable for Amateur and Land Mobile frequencies within the 400-470 MHz band. The whip is made of 17/7 PH stainless steel with an open coil spring incorporated near the end of the whip. It is supplied with stainless steel hardware and radials and is equipped with an anodized aluminium bracket for an easy side mast installation. Technical Specifications: Type of Antenna: 1/4wave + ½ wave colinear Frequency: 400-470 MHz Length: 0.91m S.W.R.: < 1.2:1 AT 400 MHZ Power Rating Max.: 150 watts Gain: ca. 2.5dBd - 4.65dBi

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