Sirio MD118-137 Aviation Antenna 118-137MHZ


SKU: SHM-MA-MD118-137

Sirio MD118 - 137 aviation antenna, suitable for aeronautical service. This is Mono band, unity gain antenna with flexible stainless steel radial, recommended for installation on small aircraft. Electrical Data: Type: Dipole ½ wave with loaded radial Frequency range: 118-137 MHz for aeronautical band Polarization: linear vertical Gain: 0 dBd – 2.15 dBi Max. power (CW) @ 30 degrees C: 50 Watts Cable length / Type: 5m / RG58 Cable connector: FME-female Mechanical Data: Materials: Stainless Steel 17/7 PH, Nylon, Chromed Brass, Zamac Height (approx.): 760 mm Weight (approx.): 330 gr Mounting Hole: 14 mm

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