Sirio SKB108-960 Mobile Antenna Tunable 108-960MHZ



Sirio mobile antenna, Mono-Band and tuneable for 108-960MHz frequency. Special Features: Mobile antenna, Mono-band Unity Gain, Omnidirectional Tuneable by whip cutting 17/7 PH stainless steel cylindrical whip Rigid Whip, detachable for car-washes access Electrical Data: Type: ¼ wave Mobile antenna Frequency range: tuneable 108 to 960 MHz Polarization: linear vertical Gain: 0 dB ref. to a ¼ wave whip Max. power (CW) @ 30 degrees C: 100 Watts (108-550MHz) / 30 Watts (550-960MHz) Standard Mount: ML Cable length: 5 m / RG58 Mechanical Data: Materials: Stainless Steel 17/7 PH. Chromed Brass, Nylon Height (approx.): 700 mm Weight (approx.): 280 gr Mounting Hole: 14 or 18 mm

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