Sirio Titainium 3001 Magnetic CB Antenna



Sirio's new Titanium 3001 base loaded mobile CB and 10m band magnetic antenna, comes complete with 3.6m RG58 cable with PL259 plug. This antenna is made of very high quality materials and very flexible conical stainless steel rod and is tunable from 27 to 28.5MHz. It is easily tiltable by acting on the spheric joint by means of the safety set screw and key-ring supplied. Special Features: CB & 10m Mobile antenna Tunable from 27 to 28.5 MHz Protection from static discharges DC-Ground 17/7 PH tapered stainless steel whip Base loaded Technical Specifications: Frequency Range: 27 - 28.5MHz SWR @ freq. res.: <1.4 Bandwidth @ SWR ≤ 2: ≥ 1300 KHz (1115 channel) Max. power: 300 Watts (CW) continuous, 900 Watts (CW) short time Mounting: Comes with MAG-125PL magnetic mount Cable Length: 3.6m / 11.8ft RG 58 with PL259 UHF Male plug Materials: Brass, Copper, Nylon and Stainless Steel Height (approx.): 1485mm / 4.87ft Impedance: 50ohms Polarization: Vertical

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