WAECO PP500 Perfect Power 12V 500Watt Inverter



Completely new outfit, top technology and additional comfort features, this Waeco PP500 inverter is particularly compact and lightweight. It turns vehicle's 12V battery voltage into a sine wave like 230V alternating voltage, which is fully adequate for a multitude of applications i.e. charging phones/laptops or running other low powered items. This inverter is supplied with cables for connecting it to the vehicle's power. The inverter also incorporates an additional outlet for an external switch for the users, who are looking for an extra comfort and prefer activating their inverter from the dashboard. SPECIAL FEATURES: Overload and short circuit protection Over-voltage and low-voltage cut-off Reverse pole protection by exchangeable fuse Overheat cut-off Can be switched On/Off by external switch Also suitable for appliances with PFC control Suitable for cars, vans, taxis, 4x4, caravans, boats and various other vehicles TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Input Voltage: 12V DC (10-15V) Output Voltage: 210-230V AC Modified sine wave Output Frequency: 50Hz No-load Current Input: <0.25A Continuous Power: 500W Peak Power: 1000W Efficiency: Up to 90% Dimensions (mm): 105 x 57 x 225 Weight: Approx. 1.1 kg PLEASE NOTE: This inverter comes with 3 pin UK plug instead of 2 pin euro plug. All our Waeco inverters are supplied with 3 pin UK plug as standard.

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